Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is PM RaGa The Last Hope For Dwindling Congress Party?

By Kajol Singh | Delhi

Speculation surrounding the resignation of Manmohan Singh from the post of prime minister and appointment of Rahul Gandhi for the top post are steadily founding ground.

According to an exclusive news report published in the Telegraph, it was reported that Singh could tender his resignation on January 3. The Prime Minister is scheduled to address a press conference on the same day and it is being speculated that the country could go through a change of guard on that day.
Congress Party is going through one of the toughest times in its 175-year-long history. The recent results in state assembly elections and the prevalent anti-Congress mood in the country may prompt the party's high command to initiate a change at the top level.

Manmohan Singh has been evasive about him continuing for the third term, if his party comes to power after the Lok Sabha election. 

Earlier this year, Manmohan Singh neither ruled in nor ruled out the possibility of a third term. 

"It is a hypothetical question. We are yet to complete this term... I am neither ruling in nor ruling it out," Manmohan Singh was quoted by the Telegraph.

Later this year, Singh was a tad bit precise in his reply.

"I Have always maintained that Rahul Gandhiji would be an ideal choice for the Prime Minister's position after the 2014 election. I would be very happy to work for the Congress party under the leadership of Mr Rahul Gandhi," Singh had said.

Let's weigh in the possibilities and disadvantages if Congress party decides to go ahead with the decision.

Many believe that the appointment of Rahul Gandhi at the helm of the affairs of controversy-ridden UPA II may prove to be detrimental for Rahul as well as the party.

It could also send across wrong signals. The change of guard at the eleventh hour may portray Manmohan Singh as a 'failure'. Something the party would like to avoid in all circumstances, as it plans to make the achievement of UPA II, under the leadership of Singh as its main poll agenda.

Supporters of the decision argue that a change in guard at this moment could infuse the party ranks with motivation and give it a fresh lease of life. The party is passing through its lowest phase and it needs a person who can single handedly lead the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Rahul Gandhi is an ideal choice, believes some.

Singh's press conference is suitably timed and falls in line with the January 17 AICC session- where it is expected that the party will announce the name of Rahul Gandhi as its candidate for the post of prime minister.

Another argument in favour of bringing about the change at the last hour is that party will benefit if Rahul Gandhi enters the Lok Sabha election as PM. 

Even if party fails to win the election Rahul Gandhi as PM would be the undisputed leader and the party will put an end to the speculations surrounding announcement.
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