Monday, December 30, 2013

'Telangana Premier League' Heads For Nail Biting Finish

By Sanjeev Rao | Hyderabad

The match between Telangana and Seemandhra Congress players is heading for a nail-biting finish. It is promising to be more action packed than a twenty-twenty match.The ball is now in the AP State Assembly. The Telangana team, having batted first has heaped a huge total. Seemandhra players are chasing it but time is running out. 

January 23 is the deadline for closing the debate on T bill in the Assembly and then it would have to be sent to the Centre which is contemplating to call a special session of the Parliament to pass it. If it does, it will be a thrilling win for Telangana and if it does not, the match will end in a draw (don’t ask whether a draw is possible in a twenty-twenty but in politics it can).
This heady cocktail is being served to the people of Telangana and Andhra every day and no one knows which side the scales are tilting. The players of the two regions are not allowing any opportunity go in putting forth their points of view. They did not leave President Pranab Mukherjee alone who is in Hyderabad for his annual southern sojourn. Delegation after delegation kept visiting him and submitted memoranda on why T state should be created and why it should not.

Though the President was non-committal, the leaders after making representations, bragged before mediapersons later that he agreed with their contention. “If we do not say we had our way, people in our constituencies would throw stones at us,” one Telangana leader on condition of anonymity said.

The main player in defence of Samiakyandhra has been Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. Given the opposition to T decision in Seemandhra and Kiran Reddy suddenly becoming belligerent vis a vis party high Command, rumour mill has began working overtime that this sudden intransigence is only a device of a plot to endear himself with people in Seemandha region so that they would remain with the Congress only. 

But scales appear to be falling from the eyes of the party high command.  As many as 30 MLAs including about four ministers from Seemandhra region, according to PCC chief Botcha Satyanarayana’s own admission,  are set to leave the party as they seem to be having no faith in Kiran Reddy as he had failed to impress the crowds in the region. 

The Congress on the other hand is expecting that it would be rewarded richly in Telangana for delivering a separate state.
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