Friday, December 27, 2013

Trains Schedule Goes Haywire Due To Heavy Fog In Delhi

By Mahender Yadav | Delhi

Over 30 trains were running behind the schedule today as foggy weather conditions continued to disrupt the movement of trains in the northern region. The railways cancelled the service of Mahananda Express due to the poor visibility.

While Brahmputra Mail was running late by 16 hours, Rewa Expresss and Lichchavi Express were 13 and 14 hours behind their respective schedule, according to Railway Ministry data. 
Railways rescheduled the departure timings of 15 trains, including Howrah Janta and Swantra Senani Express, because of the dense fog and poor visibility. 

Railways have instructed the train pilots, guards, station staff and other safety related staff involved in rail operations to accord highest priority for safe train running during foggy weather. 

We have instructed both train pilots and staff related to train operations to regulate train speed depending on visibility conditions for train movement, said a senior railway ministry official.
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