Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yemeni Dad Asks For One Million Facebook Likes As Dowry

By Saleh Al Fateh | Sana

In Yemen, social networking has now become a way of life. So much so that the father of a girl has asked his possible future son-in-law to get him "one million likes" on Facebook as dowry payment for her.

Salim Ayyash reportedly asked the man, known as Osama, to get him a million likes for his Facebook page. He told Osama that he would be monitoring the progress.
Ayyash also assured the stumped Osama that he may cut the number. Ayyash is a well-known person on Facebook in the Taiz region of Yemen.

"He can take a month, a year, or even two years to collect the requested number of likes. If I see that he's worked hard, I'm willing to be flexible to see them happily married," Ayyash is cited as saying. 

The feat if accomplished will be a heroic one considering that the entire country's population is about 24 million of who the number of web user is very low. 

The unusual story has gone viral in Yemen with bloggers calling on people to help Osama get married. So far he's managed about 35,000 likes.

Ayyash claims his request is aimed more at drawing public attention to the country's social situation where "no-one in Yemen can afford dowries anymore".
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