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Confusion: How Much 'Dhoom-3' Grossed At 'Box Office'?

By Niloufer Khan | INN Live

There is no dearth of news reports claiming that Dhoom 3 has finally tucked in Rs. 500 crores. In fact, past one week, most news channel and websites have been saying that the film's Box Office collections have hit a humungous Rs. 500 crores film, eventually smashing the records of all previous Bollywood films. For the uninitiated, the Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Dhoom 3 released on December 20, 2013, and has been shown at more than 4,400 screens in India and 750 screens abroad. So, has this film - factually the largest release - done the unthinkable by reaching the Rs. 500 crores mark? If yes, why are varied figures of Box Office available? 
What YashRaj says?
Dhoom 3's production house Yash Raj Films in a January 6 statement said the movie is now officially the first Indian film to have crossed Rs. 500 crores worldwide and Dhoom 3 would be released in more international markets like Germany, Peru, Romania, Japan, Russia, CIS, and Turkey. Giving a breakdown of Dhoom 3's Box Office collection so far, Yash Raj Films said its gross box office collection in domestic market was at Rs. 351.29 crores and Rs. 150.06 crores from overseas markets.

What PVR says?
Pramod Arora, president & CEO of PVR has been quoted as saying to a news website, "Movies like Dhoom 3, if we have even 2 or 3 such movies in a year it can really turn fortunes of multiplex owners across the country." But then, they haven’t given out any number. Strange, no? 

What the trade analysts say?

Film producer and trade analyst Prakash Jaju says, “Over  its third weekend,  Dhoom 3 has collected Rs. 3.30 crores on Friday and  Rs. 3.70 crores on Saturday, bringing the smash-hit film’s total collections to Rs. 266 crores. The Rs. 300-crore target now looks doubtful. This coming Friday there are two releases Abhishek Choubey’s Dedh Ishqiya and T Series’ Yaariyan. The number of screens available to Dhoom 3 would be substantially diminished. I think the totall Box Office collections of Dhoom 3 would end on Rs. 295 crores....just missing the 300-crore mark, sadly.” 

Trade analyst Amod Mehra too feels Dhoom 3 would miss the record breaking 300-crore mark. “Given the current scenario when films are released on so many screens a film rarely sustains beyond the first two weeks. Until Saturday,  Dhoom 3 has collected Rs. 263 crores. It should collect another Rs. 15 crores during the rest of this week. That would bring the aggregate collections to around Rs. 275-78 crores. The balance to reach Rs. 300 crores seems doubtful.”

Trade expert Taran Adarsh agrees. “I think 275-plus crores seems a far more realistic figure than Rs. 300 crores. However everything depends on how this Friday’s releases—Dedh Ishqiya and Yaariyan --are received. However Dhoom 3 has emerged  the highest grosser ever in the domestic market already and will soon emerge the highest-grossing Bollywood film in the international market as well.”

Film critic and trade analyst Vinod Mirani reveals, “Dhoom 3, true to its title, continued breaking records even in its second week at the box office. The film collected Rs. 65.24 crore in its second week taking its two week total for Hindi screens to Rs. 245.25 crore.”“The film is steady over its third weekend with figures of Rs. 12.49 crore and adding 42 lakh for Tamil and Telugu versions. At the end of 17 days, the film’s total collections stand at Rs. 257.73 crore for Hindi and  Rs. 12.49 from T&T taking its total recovery to Rs. 270.22 crore,” adds Mirani.

What the distributors say?
“Dhoom 3 has become the first Indian film to cross Rs. 500 crores gross at the Box Office worldwide. Dhoom 3  has garnered Rs. 351.29 crores gross in India, the overseas business fetched is Rs. 150.06 crores which makes a sum total of Rs. 501.35 crores,” informs film distributor Sanjay Ghai. Ghai further sheds light on net business and asserts, “On the other hand, as far as net business is concerned, at the end of 17 days, overseas collections are Rs. 150 + Indian collections are Rs. 270 crores which means Rs. 420 crores net profit.”

Another renowned film distributor Rajesh Thadani gives the figures which are confined to the net business of Dhoom 3. “Till last Sunday that is January 5, 2013, the Box Office collections of Dhoom 3 stand at Rs. 252 in Indian market. As far as overseas is concerned, the movie has crossed more than Rs. 100 crores.”

Here's the bifurcation statistics: 
  • India - 270.23
  • UK - 25.41  
  • USA/ Canada - 48.89  
  • UAE/ GCC - 38.81 
  • Australia - 9.37                                    
  • New Zealand - 2.65                                                    
  • Pakistan - 7.25 = Total - 402.61  
A few days ago, Hrithik Roshan posted on his official Facebook account stating that Krrish 3 has actually grossed in Rs. 299 crores. This official statement from the actor shocked many as ahead of Hrithik’s revelation, Rakesh Roshan had sort of yelled from the rooftops of Mumbai that Krrish 3 has tucked in Rs. 500 crores!

Now, post too much of ‘Dhoom’ going on at the Box Office, Perfectionist Khan, may we request your intervention in this so that we get the perfect, oops, exact numbers of Dhoom-3?
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